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A tiny smattering of projects I have worked on

On 27, Sep 2017 | No Comments | In | By Doug Johnson

Live Streaming.

We recently began live streaming. The biggest challenge was to take a live event and stream it to multiple locations. Namely the Aruba networks YouTube and Facebook pages. It was an event that ran all day and our streams kept up beautifully. Make sure you checkout the artist who is whiteboarding the conversation in real time… Amazing.

On 25, Sep 2017 | No Comments | In | By Doug Johnson


Finelite makes lights that are quite fine.

When creating realistic light in animation it can be challenging. When you are trying to match the expectations of a company that manufactures truly high end LED lighting; it can be daunting.

[ATM17] Wrap up: Day 3

Each year Aruba networks holds a networking, training, and user appreciation event called Atmosphere. This years theme was “The Power of Mobile, Cloud, and IoT”.

2017 it was in Nashville. The event was great, and Nashville is amazing.

On 06, Feb 2016 | No Comments | In | By Doug Johnson

XCOR Lynx Spaceflight – A Life-Changing Experience

Xcor aerospace is building the Lynx a reusable launch vehicle that will make access to space far more affordable than other existing platforms. created this animation with the help of Mike Massee. We created an animation for Lynx when it was early in the design stage. Now that Lynx is much closer to flying they wanted to refresh the animation with the new airframe.

Oh and if you’d like to buy (or lease) your own Lynx you can do that here.


On 17, Aug 2015 | No Comments | In | By Doug Johnson

a wireless, fully implantable device to stimulate nerves in mice

Stanford engineers have developed a wireless, fully implantable device to stimulate nerves in mice.

It is the stuff of science fiction but it is happening today. A Stanford Bio-X team of engineers have created a method to activate neurons of the brain, spinal cord or limbs in mice… using light… and the tiny implant device is powered wirelessly using the mouse’s own body to transfer energy. is proud to have created the animation to help visualize this technique in the exciting new area of research called optogenetics.

It’s hard to decide which is the more impressive development. Using light to activate neurons, or using the mouse’s own body to transfer radio frequency energy that is just the right wavelength to power the implant using my new favorite words ‘Evanescent fringing’.

If you’d like to get all sciencey you can read the entire announcement here.
Stanford announcement
Or here (for a premium version in Nature) Abstract

802.11ac Wave 2

Aruba Networks (now an HP company) is the leader in WiFi networking.

802.11ac is the wireless networking standard that made the ‘all wireless workplace’ possible.

802.11ac wave 2 will extend the power and bandwidth of wireless networking to enable a whole new generation of devices.

Remember when the internet added pictures that you can click on? Of course you don’t; but wave 2 is going to be as big a change as going from Gopher to Mosaic.

Go ahead and look them up… I’ll wait.

XCOR on ABC world news tonight

We are proud to say that XCOR Aerospace will be appearing on ABC News Tonight during the ‘Made in America’ segment on 5-8-15. has been working on an updated animation for XCOR and parts of it may appear on the broadcast.

The final animation is very near completion and we are excited to show it to you here.

Here is the promo for the ABC segment.


On 02, Mar 2015 | In | By Doug Johnson

Dearly Divided ’89

Shot using a Black Magic 4k cinema and a Black Magic pocket cinema as our A and B cameras. These were supplemented with several GoPros .

I had a great time working on this video.


This is a fun piece we created for Aruba networks. Aruba makes cutting edge super powerful wireless technologies that are transforming the way you work and play.

Working closely with the amazing team at Aruba we came up with the concept of a transformer style robot to express the power hidden inside one of these little AP’s


This is a fun piece that I created with Aaron Bruski from Aruba Networks. The idea was to create a short ‘mythbusters’ style show that explored the differences between Aruba networks products and their competitors. created the Bitbusters animations and gfx as well as the practical sign on set. also designed and built the drop-test device. I guess our irrational fear of Guillotines finally paid off.

We also ran the high-speed camera but did NOT fly the hexacopter helicopter indoors. That was operated by our friends at Aericam.

On 14, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson


We animated this piece using a huge illustration provided by the client.

We also animated the app screens based on client direction.

On 12, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson

Xcor Lynx

XCOR is the real deal.

I was proud to be able to help them out with this animation.

I was supplied with the Airframe model and the astronaut footage. I modeled, textured, lit, rendered and composited most everything else.

On 12, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson

Tachi Lady Luck

This is an example of a more creative approach to Casino/Resort advertising.

FAT BOX came up with this idea for the (very cool ) people at Tachi Palace. They saw the value of a spot beyond the ordinary.

Kent and I make a really good team in these effects heavy spots.
Kent is great at directing performance and getting the best (or the worst, if necessary) out of the actors.

I on the other hand watch and direct the technical details and make sure things happen when they are supposed to, and where they are supposed to.

I did all the 3D and compositing for this spot.

On 12, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson

Stash of Cash

Here’s an example of the ‘short shelf life’ commercials we can do.

Instead of simply placing type on the screen we make it explode.

I did all the animation under Kent’s direction; which consists in large part of ‘more sparkles’ and ‘more camera movement’ while matching the art direction for the stash of cash promotion.

These are remarkably affordable, especially when purchased in a package. You know you’re doing 10 promotions this year… Why not save some money by buying in bulk?

On 12, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson

Little Creek Golf

Here’s a case where a simple framework can make a big difference.

Little creek has a stunning golf course on their property (not 90 minutes away by shuttle), and they called on FAT BOX to tie the golf course together with the casino resort footage.

Pretty simple, follow the bouncing golf ball.

I’m not kidding about the golf course… It’s specatacular.

On 12, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson

The FAT BOX reel

I have done a large percentage of my work with and through FAT BOX.

I’ve added this page to show the FAT BOX reel. Here you’ll see many of the projects on my page duplicated in the reel.

I can not take credit for all (or even most) of the work in this reel. I can say that I touched almost every project at some point. It may have been animating, writing, directing or editing; or It may have been compressing or authoring the DVD and compressing the final deliverables.

I’ve started compiling a list of all the great people who helped over the years, and it became… uhhh long and may have to be a separate page on it’s own.

On 12, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson

Tillia WineSaver

I co-directed this piece with my longtime friend and colleague Chris Fenwick. We had to shoot several food demos in a single day, so I would work with the stylist and producer on one segment while Chris directed another. Then we’d switch and I would direct while he prepped his next piece.

Why did I chose this clip? Because I find this to be a crazy paradox. On the one hand I believe it’s important to protect the quality of my wine. On the other I have never been left with half a bottle of wine.

There is a funny(ish) story associated with why you’ll probably never see this piece in it’s entirety. Maybe one day I’ll tell you; over half a bottle of wine.


This was a really fun spot we (FAT BOX)  created for Serramonte.

I wrote the spot directed the live action and animated one or two of the shots. The bulk of the animation was done by my good friends Ace Miles and Christine Hermsmeyer.

Ace figured out a lot of the technical issue around making this thing render in the time available; but he also modeled rigged and animated the stunt-dad. He also plays the dad in the spot.

Christine did a large portion of the modeling texturing and animating of the interior of the mall.

…Oh and Ace is hands down the finest magician I have ever seen. Jaw droppingly good. You can see him at Pier 39 (or you could just hire him).

On 12, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson


This is an awesome product.

Charges itself, AND your cell phone (or anything else you can charge via usb) and sounds pretty dang good.

I ended up buying one for myself.

I helped direct this; Kent did the heavy lifting and kept us moving (one of his specialties).

The main reason I added this clip is for something you probably didn’t notice on the first viewing. Starting at around :11 there was a car in the background that was way to prominent it drew your focus away from where we wanted it.
So I tracked the shot, and covered it with bushes. Muah!

On 12, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson


Being a 1st generation gamer. I appreciated the opportunity to create this logo for IGN.

Like most logos, I gave the IGN guys four rough directions to choose from. Once they decided we went through several revs refining the logo and then several more finalizing the look..


This was a series of spots for clear water casino in Washington. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We produced a series of spots based on the idea ‘what if nature came inside the casino’.

These were fun spots that took the efforts of everyone at FAT BOX. From our receptionist in the bear suit, to our animators and editors operating the ‘practical’ animals (I’m operating the beaver on the right *insert joke of choice here*) .

I chose this version because this represents the only time I appear in one of our spots. My realization of the line ‘more nuts?’ is both sublime and cromulent.

I helped direct and did some of the animating (none of the animals that was all Christine Hermsmeyer and Kane). I also did most of the compositing.

On 12, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In | By Doug Johnson

Varian ‘CyberKnife’

Medical devices are always amazing to animate. Working with the engineers and physicians who create these things is awe inspiring.

This beast is the CyberKnife. It can image and destroy tumors. The beauty of it is that it can conform the shape of the gamma ray beam to the shape of the tumor, minimizing the amount of radiation needed.

I converted this model from an .step file and did the final texturing, texturing, and compositing. The rigging, animation, and surfacing was done by… you guessed it; Christine Hermsmeyer.

I hope the blue man undergoing treatment gets well soon.

Cepheid Map

Cepheid makes a machine that tests for stuff; stuff you don’t want to be near, let alone have living inside you. The work they do is important and may save your life one day.

This piece is one of a series written by Jared Tipton. He’s one of those rare corporate communication guys who gets it.

I directed this spot and modeled, animated and rendered the ‘stamper’.

Let’s all go to Hillsdale

This is a fun little spot I made for Hillsdale mall. It plays in Movie theaters before the show.

I shot the plates. (Lifting the black dress was a practical effect), animated most of the characters (more on that in a moment), lit, rendered, and composited the whole thing.

The characters were modeled, textured  and rigged by Christine Hermsmeyer. She animated in the base ‘march’ which I modified or replaced as needed. Great work CH.

Most of the stores were happy to be involved, but I did have to remove some logos. Can you guess which venerable retailers didn’t want these cute little guys walking in front of their stores?

On 11, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson

Rotary Rocket

Rotary rocket was a REALLY interesting idea in so many ways; which is why I’ve included this very old animation here.

Rotary was the key word. The roton was to land using tip-jet powered rotors, like a helicopter.

I worked on this with Mike Masee. He created and textured the model for the roton.

On 11, Jun 2013 | In | By Doug Johnson


Rocketplane had a crazy idea. A crazy GOOD idea.

Convert an existing airframe to a hybrid. Jet engines to carry the craft up to where the air is nice and thin. and a rocket to punch through to sub-orbital.

I was supplied with the airframe model and created everything else.